About INNO

Harmonizing work units in such a way that the production process is transparent and eventually results in high-quality products. The management of INNO has organized its company on the basis of this approach. As a result, three business units are currently operating with their own specific tasks.

Developers can be found in the Engineering and Preparation units. These individuals are the technical and creative thinkers who - usually in consultation with the commissioning party - initiate the process that leads to the successful placement of a product on the market. In other words: technically sound and economically responsible.


The Production business unit contains the INNO employees who perform professional custom work. On the one hand, this work comprises the various types of metalwork (such as milling, welding and bending), while on the other hand it involves assembly - combining separate components to form a single structure.

The third unit is the Supply department. This department contains the employees who support the development and production process with facility services. Their responsibilities include supply management, cost control and logistical services.