Vision and Mission

INNO has maintained its course for nearly 30 years. This is not surprising, since the company knows what it stands for, what its own technical capabilities are and how it can best serve its business partners. INNO has a vision and knows what mission it wishes to accomplish. These matters will continue to guide the company in the future. We will summarize them under the headings Why, How and What.

INNO wants to strengthen its
customers by developing and
manufacturing creative and innovative products
that provide them with suitable solutions for
their business operations.That’s what really gives
us an energy boost.

By ensuring that reliability
remains a high priority.
Partners must be able to
blindly rely on our professionalism and
our business agreements.
A man is only as good
as his word.

Craftsmanship above
all else. After all, this leads to
quality products. This should not be
our only focus, however. INNO wants to provide
its customers with extra services tailored
to their specific needs. Sometimes
our customers may have technical requests
related to production processes, while at other times
their requests will be related to the complexity of
mechatronics. In other cases, the request might
concern joint product development.
Dealing with us is good business!