Working at INNO is more than just a job. It’s about passion: the undeniable urge to combine craftsmanship and innovation in such a way as to ensure that the customer is provided with quality products. All of our more than 125 INNO employees share this mentality, from the manufacturers in the metalworking department to the developers in engineering, and from those working in assembly to those providing support services such as administrative work, procurement and planning.

Thanks to our enthusiasm, INNO has a great working atmosphere. Our employees enjoy their work and are dedicated, which is reflected in our low absenteeism rates. Moreover, in this healthy working environment, craftsmanship and expertise can flourish optimally, as evidenced by the fact that one of our INNO employees was nominated for the Ingenieur Noordhoff-award. Management plays a stimulating role in all this, continually investing in development opportunities for all of its employees.