Career and study opportunities

INNO-Metaal wants to bring out the best in every employee. As both a professional and a human being. After all, whoever is given optimal opportunities for development will perform optimally. In principle, every employee is therefore given the opportunity to follow a track of courses, study programs and training programs to enrich his/her career. In return, the employee must demonstrate effort and commitment. As an employer, INNO offers the following opportunities:

  • Learning in the workplace
    An apprentice who learns the trade from the master in the workplace. This classic arrangement has made a comeback in our modern society. That is fortunate, since at INNO we know how effective it is. In on-the-job training, our experienced professionals provide talented newcomers with effective supervision. New employees can thereby develop themselves without having to go back to school.

  • Internal courses
    If a new machine or technology is introduced, one or more employees may need to receive additional instructions and training by means of a short internal course.

  • External study programs
    There are many opportunities for INNO employees to follow an external study program. This program could be a one-day course, but could also be a full MBO (intermediate vocational education) or HBO (higher vocational education) study program. The initiative can be taken by either the company or the employee. Whatever the case, INNO wants the education level of its employees to continually match the innovations on the mechatronic market.