INNO as an employer

Without stimulating employment practices, there can be no business success. This is an unshakable principle for INNO. The company therefore wants its employees to feel at home, because quality work can only be performed in an inspiring environment. INNO strives to achieve this work atmosphere in several ways.

Firstly, by establishing transparent business processes. The classic sheeting operations take place in the metalworking department: cutting, bending, welding and proto shop. Many products are sent to the assembly department for the application of software, the final assembly and the testing of the equipment. New products are developed by the engineering department. This occurs in consultation with customers from professional fields such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and software development. Both business lines - product development and product manufacturing - receive support from internal departments such as finance, order administration, purchases, sales, HR and production planning.


Secondly, INNO opt for a challenging market position. The company wants to play a leading role in the world of mechatronics by continuously searching for new technologies. This requires a significant investment in the training of employees, enabling them to familiarize themselves with and to develop these technologies.

Finally, the stimulating employment practices of INNO are reflected by its corporate culture. Respect and positive valuation are very important. These aspects strengthen both mutual relationships and the motivation to improve one's professional efforts.