Working conditions

For INNO, being a good employer means ensuring that employees know the rules regarding their employment. What are your rights? What are your obligations? These rules are established in two documents: the collective labor agreement and the company regulations.

Collective labor agreement
A collective labor agreement (CAO in Dutch) is a written agreement concerning working conditions. This agreement may concern wages, bonuses, overtime payments, working hours, trial periods, notice periods or pensions. A collective labor agreement is concluded between employers and organizations representing employees, and may never violate the law.

The Metalektro (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industry) CAO, established in the Council for Consultation in the Metalektro (ROM), applies to INNO. The FME-CWM Association represents the employer in the ROM, while FNV Metaal, CNV Vakmensen, De Unie and VHP2 represent the employees. To view/request the collective labor agreement and up-to-date information on the working conditions, you can visit

Company regulations
In addition to the collective labor agreement, INNO-Metaal has its own company regulations. These regulations provide detailed information on a number of rights and obligations. A copy of the regulations is provided to everyone who joins INNO. The regulations are discussed with each employee individually upon commencing employment.